Saturday, 9 February 2013

Boobs, Bitching, Essex Miniatures, Pictures, Real Boobs and Broadside 2013.

Broadside 2013
is on
Sunday 9th June
(10.00am to 4.00pm)
Swallows Leisure Centre,
Central Avenue,
ME10 4NT

There will be three Halls, lots of traders, several club games and ...
a wargamer’s flea market!

To book a trade space, club game or flea market pitch get in touch by 'phoning 01795 873379 or 07588806306 or by email

The traders include:
  • Ainsty Castings
  • Alchemy Miniatures
  • Andy’s Models
  • Armourfast
  • Brigade Models
  • Colonel Bills
  • Conquest Games Ltd.
  • Crooked Dice Game Design Studio
  • Cymbeline Games
  • David Lanchester Books
  • Early War Miniatures
  • Fenris Games
  • Frontline Wargaming
  • Harfields Military Figures
  • IT Miniatures
  • Lesley’s Bits Box / KR Multicase
  • Monarch Military Books
  • No Mans Land (Maidstone)
  • Polmodels
  • Products for Wargamers
  • Realistic Modelling Services
  • Red Knight Wargames
  • Redoubt Enterprises
  • Shell Hole Scenics
  • Tole Haven
  • Wargames Emporium
  • Warmill
The clubs that will be attending include:
  • Maidstone Wargames Society
  • Rainham Wargames Club
  • Society of Ancients
  • Gamers Hub
  • Skirmish Wargames
  • South East Essex military society
  • Hornchurch Heroes
  • Shepway Wargames Club
  • CTK Wargaming
  • Posties Rejects
Alan has also set up a Facebook page about BROADSIDE 2013 so that interested parties can lend their support and be kept up-to-date with developments.

So lets go over to the page and Like just to show that we care...even if you don't but they're doing something that we still need and to show a middle finger to a hacking wanker git in Malaysia!

Will I make it to Broadside, I hope so but new work conditions and location may interfere but I'll try and at the very least do what I can to help them or others out......

On to some bitching.............this pretty much covers work bitching with still no official date of a site closure, starting to move our painting stuff home in case the new buyers turn up one night and padlock the gates and lock us out (could this happen I don't know?), the problems of their numbers and my numbers concerning my already small redundancy payment, no communication really from anybody, people lying their asses off and thinking of changing blog name to The Angrier bitching over!

Bitching about Ray and how he is disgusting and everything and how everything costs money (yes I know...but he's not in Michigan!)........

Bitching about the government and the economy!

......and of course Boobs (two of them well maybe not Postie........because of the nails!)

Sorry I couldn't help it but on Tuesday some of the Rejects headed down to Essex Miniatures because these two can't wait for anything and I was asked to tag along and bought nothing either (couldn't find anything I needed or wanted), so this is the Essex Miniatures showroom where I believe they have every miniature they make on display and nice people as well, a good heady mix of metal and dust, they're open to the public six days a week, if you're ever in the area and 15mm or 25mm metal addiction is your bag then drop into the Essex people, there's also a nice little cafe a few doors away where Postie bought us a fry up!  

Suspicious looking boobs......

I was getting bored by this stage, they need some chairs, a TV and a PS3 for some people.......

He's very slow when he's spending a lot of money.......

Figures as far as the eye can see..........

Ray telling me politely to fuck off and not make a note of how much he spent which was actually more than Postie, I'm open to bribery though.........

.....and of course real boobs!

My visits to other blogs and my own are not as frequent as they should be but my mind is all over the place and starting to even affect my sleep and my normal stress relieving methods like PS3, food and Michigan are not working so bear with me if you can which I understand some won't or didn't as a follower left me today (not the first one either:D)........

Ranting, bitching and feeling sorry for myself over (I work with Ray) people......have a good one if you can!


  1. With boobs like that I will keep following!!!

  2. "in case the new buyers turn up one night and padlock the gates and lock us out (could this happen I don't know?)"

    I don't know how it goes there, but in Portugal happens all the time (I mean, everyday!), so, take your things to safety!

    Well, concerning the other goodies on the post, I have to say nice racks! But I suppose the last two photos weren't taken at the same time as the others... ;)


  3. Blimey, I went to Essex Miniatures back in the 90's - strange little place, but very good. Keep the boobs coming too, always a good thing ;)

  4. When things are looking bleak, the future a blank wall of blankness, the light at the end of the tunnel the express coming the other way; when you know that just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you - they are, that the only joy the world has to offer is when the pain stops - then all you can do is sit back in rapt contemplation of such wonders as the Universe has to offer. Such as that sweet-faced young thing in the black stockings.

  5. You had me at 'boobs'.

    Chin up mate... you never know what's around the corner! I always took that as 'be wary of corners' though.

    The loss of followers isn't necessarily down to you either, accounts get closed, users disappear from the hobby, or wherever they came from. Odds are that a number of blogs are down the same follower.

    Essex Miniatures... wow, that takes me back, I remember when they were the dog's bollocks in 25mm Medievals... I haven't typed 25mm in a while either.

  6. Well I hope you can get your mind all focused and in order. It's a bitch when you can't. Lack of sleep just makes everything worse. For your poor wallet it might be better if you can't go to Broadside but still try to go, you'll probably have a lot of fun.

  7. Follower, shmollower - sod'im. As JH says, it's nowt to worry about.

    Better news on the work front though eh? And those young ladies are upifting!

    Essex? Not as good as the old days - they've been overtaken by others. Wish they'd resurrect the old Mike's Models stuff - dwarfish, but bags of character! Bit like me . . . . ;O)

    1. You're definitely a character my friend.

  8. I wish you well in your life, Fran. Thanks for the pics of the real boobs. They made my day!

  9. Been out of work for over a year now and it´s a pain in the feckin ass...but there´s always something to do..mainly annoy and get annoyed by the unemployment tw*ts. Never give up..never surrender!!

    1. They will never take our freedom Paul!

  10. It's definitely a good idea to move your personal stuff off-site before the new owners take control of the property.

    Nice pics of the racks. And nice pics of the display cases.

    So, how much *did* Ray spend?

    And good on Postie for buying you a fry-up! :)

    1. A bloody lot for such a scrooge, won't even buy milk at work!

  11. Thanks for the Broadside publicity. It is appreciated. 2nd year in a row and problems with "publicity"! Cheers Clint.

  12. Ooer just re-read the work thing - must've had a brain storm. TP is right: get your kit out asap! Keep an eye on the other people too cos it's strange what things can 'go for a walk' in that situation - make sure it's none of your or Ray's stuff.

    Aren't you covered by the TUPE rules though? Just a thought.


    1. The new owners are land developers only.

  13. The Bongolesian Government approves and supports Broadsides 2013!
    Now must try not to confuse it with Broadsides 2013 on the Battleship Texas.

  14. Best boobs at the end. So how much did Ray spend

  15. Wow, what a show: if I could swim I'd be there at Broadside. The Trader list alone would be worth all of the saltwater which would splash up my nose. Enjoy yourselves immensely Gentlemen!

  16. At least you ended on a high note! Or rather several large ones.
    Sorry about the uncertainty surrounding the end date of your job. Yeah, I'd be getting my stuff out of there.
    And that is a scary amount of figures in one place.

  17. Chin up fella. Been in your shoes before so know it can be a shitty experience.

  18. The mind going everywhere can be a pain in the ass, not to mention you have to deal with Ray too hahaha and boobs will keep me coming back

  19. Lurker: Sorry to hear you have extra stress and all of this crap. As for people leaving your blog, fuck them.

    You just do what you need to and your real blogger buddies will understand.

    Now, about the boobs ... I like that you included Ray as part of your boob collection.

    PS: Tim just told me to tell you that he likes the real boobies the best.

    Oh my gosh, you guys crack me up.

    Cheers, hugs and boogie boogie.

    1. Anytime. And, I believe that's my first F-bomb comment. How 'bout that?

  20. The quick answer is yes they can, in fact it happens a lot and often before a date you would expect. This from their point is often done to stop things they now own from going walkies as also often happens. However the items at work that belong to you are still legally yours so anything that goes missing should be claimable (though both sides point at the other for compensation). Stuff of yours not missing should be given back to you immediately or as soon as can be reasonably expected.

    Is there any chance you will be taken on by these or your employer moving you to a new site? In theory you should have a chance of applying for a post with the new owners but TUPE often gets in the way as it gives you better rights and pay etc than the next guy. In short what it was brought in to protect often ends up making it less likely to protect. You can always sign away your TUPE rights but check what you would gain in response to that


  21. boobs and masturbation are always the best magnet for readers and lurkers :)

  22. Good luck with everything Fran. I've been through similar stuff. Not fun, but you've got to keep your chin up because stressing/worrying doesn't get you jack! Your mates and the blogosphere will always be there for you though.

  23. Racks of minis ... Giant racks. Hmmmmmm.
    Chin up Fran.
    Thanks for giving me my morning smile despite all the stress.

  24. Maaaate - ya had me at 'boobs'. Scientific fact (recently published by a UK university fer Chrissake) that staring at a nice rack ( not Ray's) each day IS a major stress reliever - the University of Michigan appear to have identified the other.

    What you're going through is feckin' awful but you WILL get through it so keep yer chins up you Old Bastard (that's an Aussie term of endearment BTW).


  25. I have to say, the boobs make a nice addition to the blog. Any chance of them being a regular feature?

  26. very nice, very nice. im proud of you brother.

  27. 2 very different kinds of nirvana...the gaming one and the fairer sex.

    The cold & constant grey skies take a toll on us all. Get some vitamin D and sunshine before you axe out a door, pop your head through and yell "Here's Johhhnnny!" to Ray at the breakfast table.

  28. I'm sticking around for the boobs. The real ones.

  29. Fran, my best wishes for you (and Ray) in getting through the rough patch with sanity intact.

    I'm living my own version of it, as I am sure other readers are too.

  30. Like Bod's Paul - I've been OOW for over a year now and it sucks, I'm on one of those Training Provision courses...yes the same ones Panorama was ripping to Sh*t the other day, and we've already uncovered something 'questionable' hence my eMail post the other day, needless to say 'we read and reply to all emails' Panorama haven't replied to the info I sent them!!

    The better news is that the job market is picking-up, local papers round here were knocking out a quarter page of Job Ad's through the Autumn and now have three or mare pages so there is definitely more hiring, but not necessarily in the field you need!

    But I wasn't intending all the commiserative stuff above when I clicked 'comment'....There were definitely not enough boobs.

    I believe your heading led me to expect a greater level of visible boob-related imagery or text. It just wasn't there....consequently (once I've had a little lie-down) I shall be writing to the EU consumer something-or-other and seeing if I haven't got a good case for suing you for failing to provide the level of boobage suggested by the publicity materiel presented in my link list...shocking!

    Hugh...not all there...

  31. Excellent choice of boob shots Fran ...... Now where's the Kleenex......

  32. Very informative blog post today! Thanks for the boob pics - I need to go to Michigan for a minute.

  33. A fine selection of boobs Fran. Ever thought of relocating to the colonies? We have lots of positions opening up in the gulags.

    I had a follower leave me two weeks ago...I put it down to "Its not you its me"...

  34. great mini shop, and the jugs were nice to

  35. I'm sorry to hear about the job, Fran and truly understand what you're facing. Forget about people dropping off your blog or you not being able to stop by other people's blogs, we understand because we've been there too. I have hope that things will be looking up soon!

  36. Hopefully much better experiences sweep into your view. Aside from that, please keep the boobs to at least a NEAR bra fitting size, those first ones were startling.

  37. I still like your blog, and I'm a Michigander of the Algonquin sort! Things were much better before all these foreigners shown up 400ish years ago! ;)
    Sorry to hear of your job status. I'm a member of the Michigan National Guard. I'm also one of the lucky ones, as my unit is 80% unemployed since our return from Afghanistan. My civilian job is armed security and was waiting for my return, but my buddies in construction and factory work either lost jobs due to bankruptcy or relocation. A few had to move out of state.
    Hopefully things will work out. Perhaps the new owners will require security for the site.

  38. We can't have two depressed Irish people on blogger at the same time Fran. The combined weight of that sort of sadness would destroy the blogoshpere.

    Is it possible that they will put you boys to work at another location? I hope so as I know how horrid this is for a man to go through.

    As for people who unfollow you because you are having such a hard time. They're arsemonkies, gobshites and bastards and I hate them.

  39. Blame it all of the English Fran and maybe BOD will righteously smash the English today at Lansdowne Road, that will put a smile on your face. Be seriously mate the situation is crap but I am sure that new horizons will open soon and you wont have to work with Ray either

  40. I hear you Fran my stress levels are up and commenting is down so I fully understand. Really like the weekly pictures!


  41. Sorry to hear of the work situation Fran, I hope it all works out mate ;)

  42. Shit sucks but as long as you have boobs, everything feels a bit better.

  43. Your ranting, bitching, and infrequent blog visits are more than made up for with boobs. Boobs are the answer to all of life's problems.

  44. Thanks for the mammaries Fran (sorry for the awful pun). Keep up the good work blogging-wise, often the online highlight of my date.


  45. This is why I lived off-campus during university - so I could break someone else's plumbing without being called out!

    Head up, old boy. We're all pulling for you. (HA!! Couldn't resist that one.)

  46. Oh man, that real world nonsense really gets us down. For what its worth, I'm not going anywhere and keeping everything crossed!

  47. Keep it up Fran, we guys need you here..All the best, Mike

  48. Hang in there, Fran; job woes are a pain in the ass.

    Enjoyed the pictures; even the non-feminine boobs were worth a glance. As to the follower who left, we have a saying here in southern Indiana, "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke."

  49. I've found that PS3 usually adds to my stress! ha. Those real boobs help calm things down nicely however.