Friday, 8 February 2013

Battle of Bergendal 21-27 August 1900, Second Anglo-Boer War.

The Boer Wars were two wars fought during 1880-1881 and 1899-1902 by the British Empire and the Dutch settlers of two independent republics, the Orange Free State and Transvaal Republic. They are sometimes referred to as the "South African War" since the black population of South Africa was also involved or as the "Anglo-Boer War" as it's more known now.

The Rejects met up last Sunday for the second game of the year at Posties but umpired by John "The Teacher" Fazarakely (I hope that's how it's spelt?), there are other reports out there BigLee (good) and Ray (fecking lies), which was a 10mm Boer war game with the plucky Boers facing the heartless British Empire.

Ray, myself (commander and no Ray doesn't do as he's told in wargaming any more than he does at work!) and David as the Boers and 5 other Rejects playing the bad guys, it was a good game that just got away from us due to overwhelming forces and bad dice rolls, the game followed the historical outcome with a loss for the Boers but David having to go early and Ray abandoning the game before the end to go sulk in Posties kitchen...I ended up having to concede!

Some pictures to follow, I've never been drawn to the Boer war before but I remember the foundry miniatures and I always thought it was a period for skirmish games which after this battle that's what it became......all I remembered as well was the use of concentration camps by the British and Winston Churchill!

Initial set up with the Boer positions on the left......

Johannesburg Commando.....

ZARP's..basically South African Republic police.....

Hilltop positions with Long Toms ready to open up......

Cavalry which could fire from the saddle, redeploy as infantry, remount and be on their way again.....

The town which is hand made by John as is most of the scenery........

Imperialist forces, Smithy is actually on our side of the table.........

Tents, made from paper......

David's initial set up.......

The train track which was blocked at the end.......

Contractual shot of John the umpire......

Lee is caught fiddling with himself.....again!

Things are desperate and the table is mounted..........

You can see how close things were getting.........

Very close.......

I think the glare was getting to us...........

The British focus their attack on Dave's position........

British troops attempt to flank the hill but run into rough ground which cuts movement by two thirds......

British artillery combined to take out the barricades and defences......

....and they were in!

I had come off my hilltop and along with Ray had set up a second defensive position....

Our backs are literally to the hill......

This is were we would end our battle.....

The British reaction to Ray's farting.........

On my own I witness the British final charges and positioning of forces for 8-9 minutes and then I conceded:D
I couldn't help it!

Good game with a fair result!


  1. Great table setup.
    Maybe certain people should be required to wear a hat while gaming?

    1. I was mocked for wearing a hat at earlier games, now I wish I'd ignored the buggers!

  2. What a load of bollox! Lies lies and even more scandalous lies!!

  3. Nice set up, and sad to see that you got partnered up with Ray.. at least it was fun for the other guys? :)

  4. Great photo report...although you didn't have to post that picture of my bald head (same goes for you Ray, you did it too!). I'm wearing a hat from now on!

  5. A lot of thinly covered scalp on display... ;)

  6. A huge, splendid table,great pictures with some close-up (...) interesting!

  7. ah, boys and their toys (that has an ambiguous meaning in Lee's case obviously LOL)

  8. Nice report and great photos (of the players and the game!).

  9. I knew that it had to be Rays fault that your side conceded Fran. And really, I'm not surprised that his failure to obey orders got you into that mess to begin with. Bloody hell, when will that little git learn to listen to his betters?

    1. He said something rotten and rude about you, I punched him for you!

  10. Conceded or a Strategic Withdrawal? Let's assume the later! And remember Revenge is a dish best severed frequently!

  11. Well at least it was historically accurate. The hearltess British won :D Well, we were pretty dickish back then.

  12. Looks like quite the day was had and great set up at your mat.

  13. I'm with Clint, a strategic withdrawal is no defeat... so what if the Brits held the battlefield, your gallant Kommandos get to fight again!

  14. I don't know why, but I laughed the whole time I read this. Maybe because I pictured you and Ray arguing the whole time?

  15. More stirring deeds wot won the Empire. A great report indeed Fran, as a side note: Bergendal means Mountain and Vale, which is accurately displayed by the terrain you've used!

    Cheers from a Dutchie who always plays for the British side...

    1. Ah ha...a strategic withdrawal! Hail the Supreme General!

  16. Great AAR and love the photo captions :-)

  17. Great pictures and a good read.
    Maybe you're blessed with better allies next time. ;-)


  18. Never seen a 10mm Boer War game before - great AAR and photos of the action. But bringing unnecessary attention to the bald spot on a gentleman's bonce is very unsporting eh what? Typical Boer villainy!


  19. Every time I watch Breaker Morant, I think of how much a git Lord Kitchener must truly have been.

  20. Great table. Fab photos. So envious of you guys to have such a major playing area.

  21. I'm sure you enjoyed it :)

    Huge case of dejavu here for me... <.<

  22. Good report and take heart that it was obviously the poort quality of your subordinates that cost you the victory.

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